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Due to the increasing use of debit, credit, and contactless payments, the need for a POS system is higher than ever

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One of the biggest headaches to business owners is paying credit card processing fees. Most business owners consider it a necessary evil. Every dollar earned is important, especially for small business owners. When it comes to your bottom line, absolutely every dollar counts.

That’s why we made it our goal at Cash or Credit to help merchants minimize the impact of credit card processing fees. We have developed multiple programs to get your costs down. With Cash or Credit you can significantly reduce your credit card fees and still offer your customers a seamless experience no matter how they shop with your business.

The Dual Price System

The Dual Price system puts profits back into the business owners pocket by turning in instant profits upwards of 5%. By offering a cash and credit price, it allows the customer to make the choice on the form of payments. When paying by credit card a fee will be added in at your point of sale, either on a terminal or point of sales system. Our technology does this for you and allows for a seamless transition for your staff.


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Who We Are

Cash or Credit is a processing company that focuses on dual pricing


We streamline the process of comparing program, equipment, and software to make sure your business is equipped for success.


We have partnerships with many Point Of Sales systems, as well as integration solutions


We also provide state of the art stand alone terminals.

Cash or credit, the name says it all. Over the last few years, we have implemented the program to eliminate Credit Card processing fees for the client. The Dual Price system allows the customer to offer a cash or credit price in turn, eliminating the large monthly fees.

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