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Powered by more than two decades of collaboration with independent sales organizations (ISOs) and agents, Cash or Credit partner program is designed by agents, for agents. Our advanced, in-demand technologies, robust resources and support, and in-house approach unique in the industry mean we offer one of the most competitive and comprehensive opportunities on the market—and go above and beyond to ensure the continued success and growth of our valued sales partners.

Whether you’re an established agent or ISO, or new to the bankcard industry, we’re committed to keeping you on forefront of the rapidly evolving payments landscape with cutting-edge products and program offerings. Build your sales office with a partner invested in your success!

Get started on your path to success today! Contact Director of Business Development Austin South - (770) 608-4976.

As an Electronic Payments Partner, You’ll Enjoy…

Huge Bonus and Residual Opportunity

Earn a rewarding income with bonus potential and lifetime residuals

Private Label

Your brand is important. Let us help build your brand with our private label and registered ISO programs which take your business to the next level.

Free Gateway and Terminals

No need to resell anything else, ProCharge® is your free billing platform and gateway that enhances your offering to clients. Plus, our Free Terminal programs are a huge value add to win more deals.

Free Client Sales Demos and Training

Schedule live product demos and take advantage of client presentation services to build merchant, partner and bank referral relationships. Get access to ongoing product training an industry education.

Statement Analysis and Pricing Proposals

Get help analyzing merchant statements to propose savings that will win over your prospects. Your ISO Support team is like a back-office helping you do some heavy lifting and win more deals!

Robust Profit and Portfolio Management

Log in for unparalleled access to your residuals and key portfolio data available in real-time 24/7. See your residual data down to the Interchange category and the authorization type! Download your merchant statement to provide your own enhanced support!

Industry-Leading Service and Support

Benefit from Electronic Payment’s in-house approach to service, support, technology development, and deployment

And be sure to ask about our FREE POS programs, including our Targeted Verticals Program.

The offerings are perfect for expanding your portfolio and increasing your residuals.

Our FREE Terminal Program Just Got Bigger

Now Featuring Valor PayTech’s VL100 Terminal

Supercharge your sales with the newest addition to our Free Terminal Program! Get a compliant solution that supports dual pricing and generates huge residual opportunities.

Branding for
Your Office

Revenue Share

Bonus per Deal

FREE Valor

The VL100 solution features EMV & contactless transactions, compliant dual pricing, a 3.5” touchscreen color display, real-time reporting, and more!

There’s never been a better time to bring your merchants to Cash or Credit, a true direct processor, while building your ISO or agency.
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